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Previously I worked as a professional composer, singer/songwriter and ‘cellist touring with my own group, BAL as well as composing for film, theatre and various ensembles, eventually developing workshops using music and the voice to help people discover their creative potential.


My work has taken me into many interesting fields including the Arts, Corporate Business, Public Sector Organisations, Not-for-Profit organisations and the Third Sector. My approach is to always work to my clients' needs and employ a range of techniques and methodologies to ensure that all issues and concerns are dealt with in a way that enables them to embrace the future and their path towards it.


I believe that the key issue behind any success is the health & well-being of an individual which, when aggregated, translates into healthy teams, companies and organisations.


I apply a mindful approach to my own life and in my approach to working with clients. I believe that this will provide the basis for a future where we can live, work and play creatively, in harmony with each other, and

all life on this planet.










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