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Coaching for Organisations


Coaching has become recognised as one of the most powerful interventions for creating an inspired, productive, efficient and co-operative culture within any organisation.


It helps people develop a clearer understanding of their own and other people’s patterns of behaviour, how they work best and contribute most effectively to their team and the whole organisation.

As an intervention, it shows individuals how much a company values them and is an important part of any development package.


For companies who need to downsize, it is also a way assisting employees embrace their own next steps positively and with enthusiasm.


One of my most popular programmes is Co-coaching. This works well in many settings, including line management, where employees are directly public or client facing or are themselves involved in helping others make change as part of a service.


Co-coaching allows course participants to practice coaching skills on a colleague during the length of the programme to develop confidence and a personal approach to using the coaching skills and methodologies on clients.


Types of coaching I offer:




➢Life coaching

➢Performance coaching


Group Coaching:



➢Whole organisations



For more details and enquiries visit my contact page on this website

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