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I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Stewart during incredibly formative years. I know this (that they were very formative years) now looking back but not at the time.


I met Stewart whilst I was working at The House of St Barnabas, a charity supporting London's homeless back in to work through an innovative and world's 1st model. I share this not to boast but to showcase the moment of transformation for the charity and most people working within it and the part Stewart played. 


Stewart's understanding of the world and human relationships is beyond the basic theory. Stewart operates on a higher level of understanding and his generosity in using this to support others on their journey to understanding how they and the world around them works is such a gift. When we met I didn't realise the gift I was being offered to work with Stewart. He supported me through questions as to why I did what I did in a leadership capacity, why I thought what I thought and did that thinking stand true with what I was now experiencing. Stewart was the start of my leadership journey from a style of command and control (some at the time who worked with me might even say dominate not just command) to one of collaboration, compassion, co- creation, creativity. This work required some very in depth reflection work and that was at time uncomfortable and at other times downright painful, to realise such hard held beliefs are no longer serving you or others is a hard place to find yourself. Stewart supported me through the emotional reactions and helped me understand the next best step to take forward, creating the appropriate space for the conversations to be had. 


Without his support at that time it would have been easy to get stuck and do nothing. 


I worked with Stewart over a decade ago but the work we did is very much present in my life now still and I believe it will remain an active part of my leadership. I mention Stewart and some part of our conversations and work together at least once a month to a colleague or a mentee. 


Stewart has a curiosity about life and people that is infectious and a joy to be around, a sharp mind and keen observer,  but he will also hold you accountable to what he sees as well as to what you have agreed to do in a way that is kind but clear.  I think these characteristics make for a powerhouse of a coach. 


I cannot endorse Stewart highly enough and those who get the opportunity to work with Stewart are very lucky indeed (but do not expect an easy ride - these are life changing conversations if you allow yourself to really be present in them)

Sandra Schembri 

CEO Nordoff & Robbins Music Therapy 


I don’t mean for this to sound dramatic but I genuinely believe Stewart saved my life.

At the time I was put in contact with him, I was feeling helpless, worthless and nothing but a sense of impending dread for the future.

I felt completely trapped in my situation and was unable to see any possible way out. Within a few sessions of being coached by Stewart, we began to unveil an abundance of options and discuss the ways in which I could exact them, weighing up the pros and cons of each one in great detail.

Stewart is an incredible man. I really appreciated the way he initially took the time to explain how he worked, allowed me to depict my scenario and for us to decide together whether his coaching sessions could be beneficial.

It turns out that we would work together over half a year and during this time, he became a significant part of my life.

He was able to create a space for me where I felt safe, protected, vulnerable and empowered all at the same time. Patience and understanding were given to me generously but I was also held accountable and challenged on many of my pre-existing beliefs.

During our time I; laughed, cried, got defensive, questioned everything and learned more than I thought possible in my adult years.

I have kept all my notes from every session we had and believe me, they always were at least a page long. I still flip through these notes weekly and apply the wisdom within them to my every day life, relationships and actions. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have recounted stories or teachings I have learnt through Stewart to my friends and family, he is something of a legend to them now!

Stewart will liberate you from mental shackles holding you back using proven neuroscience, practical business acumen and solid life experience to equip you with all the skills you could possibly need to reach your full potential, if you are ready.


Small business owner


This coaching has been truly invaluable to me. I have begun to see parts of my world differently, and that is a powerful thing to change. I plan to continue down this path that Stewart has helped me forge for myself, and I am excited to see the person that I become along the way!

Stewart was generous, patient, kind, funny, and warm with me consistently. His knowledge and understanding really seems to know no bounds. He is truly a gift to this company and to people like me!

I was challenged in multiple ways, from pushing me out of my comfort zone to challenging the way I view my thoughts and self to tasks that involved planning and preparation that has so far been enormously helpful to my career and personal life.


He also helped me step outside of my critical brain and look at things with a different perspective. That ability to step outside of yourself is a real gift that I plan to develop. It has helped me to see myself and my world in more positive ways, and he helped me develop new confidence and assertiveness.

Megan Sola-Guinto



The session itself proved how powerful the mind is on the body. With positive thoughts the body can push itself much further. When we thought about things we liked, our minds were filled with positivity which gave us more strength. Just as important as the content was the way in which Stewart delivered the session, which was full of energy and enthusiasm and a belief that it really works.”


Sue Kelly –HR Manager Barclays Corporate.

Our Employment Service supports people one to one and in groups to overcome the barriers that prevent them from going into work. We were looking for training in supporting people around coaching, motivation and goal setting techniques. Stewart Lane ’s training did all of this and more and our whole team greatly benefited. The training has impacted each person as an individual, and also improved the service we are able to offer our community. I would highly recommend this training to anyone!


Lindsey Donoghue

Employment Programme Manager

Bromley by Bow Centre



I have found working with Stewart truly inspiring. I now better understand myself and have personally and in my career achieved so much more since working with Stewart”.


Learning coaching techniques with Stewart and understanding the theory behind the practise has been a revelation. The sessions are

inspiring and focused, I often take time to revisit the tools and materials that Stewart has created to keep on track with my

personal and professional development.


Liz Duff

TSP London Team Leader

Off the Streets and into Work



Stewart’s particular and unique style of coaching encourages the team to use their creativity and initiative to do the job in their own way.

The coaches are able to come up with ideas with clients  that are practical and then to

methodically put them into action and see them through. This approach is so empowering and leads to greater satisfaction in the staff team, and better results for the client, too. Stewart’s training has made an enormous difference to our day-to-day performance.


Debbie Hilton

Head of Employment Services, Crisis UK

I have known Stewart Lane since April 2007 in my role as TDA Regional Programme Leader in London. Stewart had already been undertaking delivery work as a TDA trainer prior to this time and also worked with the TDA central delivery team in the design and delivery of national programmes. As part of the trainer team in London, Stewart was commissioned to work with Local Authority (LA) partners to customise TDA programmes to match training needs locally for schools and other partners and, because of his skills and flexibility, was one of the trainers we used most frequently (he completed 107 days work in 2009-10).

Although sometimes asked to work as part of a team, both in lead and team-member roles, much of the commissioned work required Stewart to work alone and negotiate a design brief which matched the requirements of the TDA and also local needs. Many of the colleagues he worked with relied heavily on his coaching expertise to develop their own understanding and thinking about what was needed to arrive at a feasible delivery plan.

Stewart’s commitment to the principles behind TDA programmes and his ability to listen and empathise with a wide range of partners ensured that his work was of high quality and very highly valued, whether working in a team or independently. As a specific example, he was asked to support a colleague in one London LA on planning, preparing and delivering a half day network event, who subsequently reported ‘The thanks are all mine, I count the Family Worker event as one of the highlights of this term’. This specific example is typical of very positive feedback from participants and partners.

Another of Stewart’s key strengths is in knowing and being open about the extent of his own knowledge and in seeking out additional information and advice where required. This enabled him to maintain high credibility, both in areas where he has personal expertise, such as design and facilitation skills and in working with the voluntary sector and in areas such as work with schools, where he has no ‘insider’ experience.

I would also wish to mention Stewart’s excellent communication skills. These are clearly demonstrated in delivery and in design work, but he is also reliable and pro-active in ensuring that information and feedback about his ongoing work is provided back to all involved.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stewart’s work and am very willing to be contacted for further or specific information if required.

Rebecca Nelson

TDA Regional Centre for London

London Centre for Leadership in Learning

Dear Stewart

Please accept our huge thanks for facilitating our session in such a thought provoking, professional, productive, efficient way and ensuring that not only did we all come away with a clear vision of our next steps but also as a much stronger and unified team.

You are obviously a gifted coach as you prodded and challenged us to respond to the task in hand using a sensitive and very supportive approach paying attention to the process and context in order to achieve a positive outcome.


Jane Earle

School Workforce Development Adviser

London Borough of Newham



Stewart has led a number of coaching sessions I have attended, as well as providing bespoke coaching training for my team. On a personal level I have found his sessions to be informative, succinct and inspiring. My entire team responded positively to Stewart’s training and requested follow up sessions on different topics. Without doubt his coaching has increased performance and productivity.


Marc Molloy

Extended Services Strategy Manager

The relaxed nature of the training from the outset – fellow participants at ease with each other – makes for an environment where we feel free to be open and to learn. I realise I am the author of my own experiences. I have the choice to attend to my focus- to bring my dreams to life. Thank you for your time, expertise and generosity in sharing all this.

David Clayton


I have learned a lot and been given some surprisingly new and enlightening perspectives on how to create real change. I will certainly be using these techniques.

Joe Hunter



Stewart is a very good speaker. He puts a lot of theory into a good practical package to use on a daily basis. Interesting to listen to, I wanted to know more! The course improved and enhanced my work, enlightening and life affirming. Big thank you!

Leah R.



Some pieces of the puzzle that I have asked for answers on were explained and answered for me. I saw some of my blocks – some I didn’t know I had – and found that I am on the right path, which is affirming.

Kenyon House


We have rarely had such consistently positive feedback about a trainer or training courses as we have received from staff about Stewart Lane.  Stewart is that rare animal who not only matches theory with practice but also makes that practice pertinent to the participants on his courses – and he makes it fun which is the best way to learn!  “

Cathy Corcoran OBE




Very illuminating and hands on approach to learning coaching techniques.

Maureen Broughton

HR Manager



The two days’ coaching have had a powerful impact on me. I realize that pretty much anything is possible, and it’s OK to believe in myself and my aspirations – in fact, if I don’t, why should anyone else? The things you told us about the power of our own thoughts to sabotage our actions really rang true for me and I feel genuinely excited at the possibility of changing that inner voice to a more positive and encouraging one.  I really liked the way you ran the sessions which had a good mix of activities.  I benefited very much from the comments you made to me when we were working in small groups; I felt you cut right to the chase and picked up on things I was saying to help me move forward.
Hilary Nightingale
Manager of External Partnerships

Cardinal Hume Centre


Not just teaching and allowing to practice coaching techniques, but really helps you face up to personal challenges and the value of coaching in breaking through them.

Malcolm Twigger-Ross


Stewart makes training a serious personal journey. I looked forward to every day of training with Stewart.

Muiread Ambrose

Skylight, Oxford


I find I use the coaching tools all the time, not only with clients, but in my life and with friends and family. The tools are very usable and give great results.

Josie Brooks

Skylight, Oxford


Absolutely fab! Well thought out course that makes you think. Many useful thought provoking methods to consider.

Patrick Colohan

Skylight Liverpool


Thank you for your training. You are an inspiration.

Simonetta Macellari
CHS Group


The course was fantastic. I learned so much that helped me both personally and professionally. Stewart is an excellent facilitator and very knowledgeable. It was an excellent 4 day course that can help Cyrenians staff with skills to “Change Lives & Build Futures”

Val Nevin

Group Assistant Director



The course is not just about applying tools/techniques, it is a way of thinking that is reflective and open to lots of possibilities.

Neil Mackenzie

Project Manager



Accessible, Inspirational!!! A wonderful teacher creating learning that really enables you to make a difference.

Val Lynch

Employment Coach


This course helped me to understand that to move forward you need to stop looking back, accept the feelings inside and accept who you are.

Liz Roberts

Deputy Manager



Would recommend this training to anyone

Mandy Craig



An excellent course. Brilliantly delivered and constructed. The chance to experience the methods that can change your thought processes and take you to where you would like to be.

Victor Wyatt


"I attended a two day course lead by Stewart lane back in 2014. At this point I was in my second year of university but was unsure about what really interested me. This was the first time I was to attend an external course and so had no idea what to expect. His sessions were concise, followed a set timetable and each attendee was given useful hand-outs as well as being encouraged to participate and ask questions. I have since then grown an interest in coaching; seeing the difference it can create as well as the positive impact that it can have. I am taking coaching as an elective module, as well as looking forward to starting as a career coach for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. "


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