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The Science



The Science


Developments in modern science, specifically neuroscience, neuropsychology, neurcardiology and endocrinology (the body’s system for producing and regulating hormones) have shown that many ancient practices, such as meditation and focusing the mind, have a direct and measurable impact on a person’s health and their ability to feel confident, optimistic, and pursue their goals and desires. Furthermore, we are now beginning to understand that the heart is more than a mere pump; it has an important influence on the brain, our overall health and our non-verbal interaction with other people and the world around us.


With millions of people all over the world turning their attention to self development and a search for greater fulfilment, a multi-million dollar industry has formed, packed with insights and information. The problem is, simply gathering the information, no matter how much you agree with it, doesn’t affect the change. Why is this?


Simply, knowledge without a direct experience of it, means that the mind changes but the body doesn't. Both mind and body need to be in alignment, but if we know something intellectually without really 'knowing it', a dissonance is created between the two key parts of who we are. To get the results you seek in life, your feelings need to agree with what you are thinking. Both thoughts and feelings have an electromagnetic quality that is constantly interacting with the world around you, and beyond. It is this factor that allows you to attract unseen opportunities into your life, as well as some of your toughest challenges.  If you’ve already been engaged in working on positive affirmations and thinking, but struggling to get results, it might well be that your mind’s ability to imagine a fabulous future for yourself is not backed up by your feelings. In fact, your old hormonal patterning might be triggering the emotion you call fear every time you think about some new project or venture you want to pursue. This can cause such a powerful ‘block’ or ‘resistance’ within you that you end up feeling worse than before you’d started.


Coaching is a powerful intervention that can help people overcome these blocks and inhibitors. The challenge is to become the person we have always wanted to be - and that potential lies in everyone.

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